Gatwick Airport Upgrade 2020-2023



Gatwick Airport railway station will be transformed through a £150m project, funded by the DfT, Gatwick Airport and C2C LEP and delivered by Network Rail between May 2020 and 2023.

Objective is to reduce crowding, improve accessibility and increase capacity for passengers today and into the future.


What will it deliver?

  • A bigger, better station with new facilities for passengers and staff

  • Five new lifts, eight new escalators, new staircases, exits and better wayfinding

  • A passenger concourse with twice as much space and bigger, wider, more accessible platforms, reducing crowding, making it much easier to change trains and to enter or exit the station

  • A significant reduction in platform crowding (and the train delays it causes)

  • Major benefits for wheelchair accessibility with the widening of platforms 5 and 6, and the new lifts, escalators and stairs for platform 5, 6 and 7 plus the new ramped exit to platform 7.


What does it mean for your services?

1. Platforms will be closed between May 2020 and May 2022 and a 30mph speed restriction in place.

2. We are developing a dedicated timetable to support the project and to provide consistency to passengers across the two-year platform works.

3. Timetable is being extensively developed to balance passenger capacity, punctuality (regular, on-time services) and reliability (timetable that passengers can trust, ability to recover in disruption) across the entire network.