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Proposed 500 Extra Homes - outside the Neighborhood Plan!


Most residents will be aware Mid Sussex District Council had made significant modifications to their District Plan.  The modifications included a proposed new Strategic Housing Site for 500 homes on Land to the north of Clayton Mills, Hassocks. Despite a tide of opposition, Gleesons the company involved, commissioned Feria Urbanism (FU) to conduct a Planning and Design Workshop on the 5th December at Adastra Hall, to which selected members of the community were invited.


These included a representative from HAA. After much soul searching, as we all felt this was obscenely premature, Prof. Fred Maillardet agreed to attend.


His report and that of FU can be ready clicking on the paperclip icons:

Fred wishes it noted that he was, perhaps inevitably, disappointed that FU did not include reference to some of the issues he raised, in particular:


  • current parking problems in and around the village

  • extreme traffic congestion in the village at school opening and closing times and during the 'rush hour'

  • flooding problems within the village which will be exacerbated,

  • traffic constraint imposed by the single rail/road bridge restricting east/west travel through the village

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